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Step 8: LAUNCH!




It’s all been leading to this point…


You’ve had your PerfectProduct™ Prototype executed, and your Trailer Video has

been made. So you’re TOOLED UP when it comes to presenting your invention.


And hopefully you’ve also had a PerfectPatent™ claim allowed at the patent office in

step 4, and pending in many other territories, such as the U.S., Canada, and Europe. But now it all comes down to this moment- LAUNCH!


In this step, using your Trailer Video, we’ll work with you on deciding exactly who we’re going to target to launch your product. If it’s licensing you’re after, we’ll work out a strategy, target companies, and, using your Trailer Video for instant presentation, we’ll get your invention to those companies.


If you want to release your product yourself, and your product could be successful on a crowdfunding site like Kickstarter, we’ll work with you to create a full crowdfunding campaign, including integrating your Trailer Video into your main campaign video- it does most of the presentation work for you!


It's even possible your product development team might launch your product themselves, in which case, you may license your invention to them, or enter into a percentage profit/money sharing agreement with them.


You can even go for licensing AND crowdfunding. Sometimes crowdfunding can help you license, and if your crowdfunding is successful, it puts you in a FAR stronger position in terms of getting a greater percentage/amount for licensing your invention.


And we can also provide a website for you and your product. This can help if you want to release your product yourself, without either licensing or crowd funding.

Service available at this step


  • PerfectLaunch™ Package- Licensing/Investor deals


We target licensee companies and investors, and deliver your Trailer Video to them (with any other relevant material and communication). This often includes very specific thinking and strategy, and your Trailer Video will have been configured with this strategy in mind.


  • PerfectLaunch™ Package- Crowdfunding


Your Trailer Video incorporated into a main crowdfunding campaign video. Our providers work on your whole project, including working out manufacturing and launch costs for your invention, and then calculating a target amount for you to crowdfund. Your whole crowdfunding campaign is then designed and executed. This can be used either for you to release your product yourself, or for your product development team to launch your product (eg via a licensing deal with you)


Prices differ depending on the product and nature of what is provided at this step. You'll be provided with a quote before any work starts, and the payment tends to be broken up into multiple parts/milestones to make it more manageable.

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