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Step 7: Trailer Video




If step 6 (Product Prototype) is the most IMPORTANT step in The Inventor’s Journey™,

then step 7 is the COOLEST step.


A Trailer Video is a video of your advanced, almost sales-ready prototype of step 6,

in action. It’s usually only 60-90 seconds long. There is no more powerful

presentation tool in the world.


Your Trailer Video is professionally scripted (if narration is used) and storyboarded, and may even use voice talent to narrate the video. Alternatively, you can narrate it yourself. It shows the value of your product, in action.


Whilst you and your prototype can only be in one place, at one time, your Trailer Video can go out to THOUSANDS of people, without you having to do anything. And that’s one reason why it becomes CRITICAL to the final step of The Inventor’s Journey™…..

Service available at this step


  • The Official SHIINE® Trailer Video service


Use one of our Trailer Video creators to get the Trailer Video for YOUR invention.


Prices differ depending on the product and nature of the Trailer Video. You'll be provided with a quote from the provider who creates/manages your Trailer Video, and the payment tends to be broken up into multiple parts/milestones to make it more manageable.

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