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Step 6: Product Prototype




In step 5, your invention was converted into a world-class final product by one of our

professional product designers. In step 6, the most important step of Your Journey,

we EXECUTE that design into a final, almost sales-ready prototype.


This is the most important step of The Inventor’s Journey™, because up until this

point, no-one really takes you seriously. But when you have an advanced, almost

sales-ready type prototype in your hand, you won’t need to ‘explain’ the value of your invention to anyone any more- they’ll see it with their own eyes.


If your product truly is a commercially viable concept, this changes everything. For the first time, the power is on YOUR side. And this prototype will be the key to the final STAGE of The Inventor’s Journey™- LAUNCH!

Service available at this step


  • PerfectProduct™ Prototype Service


One of our professional product development providers will build your Product Prototype for you at this step, executing your PerfectProduct™ Design from step 5 into your PerfectProduct™ Prototype. This is a specialist field, and requires an expert with a lot of skill and made-for-manufacture experience.


Prices differ depending on the project/product. You'll be provided with a quote from the product development provider who builds your Product Prototype, and the payment tends to be broken up into multiple parts/milestones to make it more manageable.

Your Resources Aboard SHIINE® ENTERPRISE Relevant To This Step


  • Deadly Mistake #3: Trying To License Your Invention Too Early


Hear about the newbie mistake of trying to license your invention without an advanced, almost sales-ready prototype- a strategy which results in almost 0% success.