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Taking Invention And Design To Light Speed!™

Step 5: Product Design




In step 5 and step 6 of The Inventor’s Journey™, you’re now into the phase of

converting your invention into a world-class product. This starts with DESIGNING your

invention into a final product, which is what is done at this step of The Inventor’s



This tends to entail you working with one of our world-class product designers, who

will work with you and come up with several possibilities for the final design of your product, often sketched into high quality illustrations, which are presented to you so you can decide, with your designer, which you think is best.


This step is completed by one of our product design providers rendering your final design into beautiful 3D graphics, such as what you see below for Discshine™.


But here’s the key- these graphics are NOT for presentational purposes and are NOT to help you to license or release your invention- they’re here to act as the BLUEPRINT for the next step of The Inventor’s Journey™- your advanced product prototype.

Example of What You Receive At This Step

These are the 3D renders of Discshine™, next-generation shoe polisher, at step 5 of The Inventor's Journey™. Notice how the product now looks like a final product. It also has the aesthetics and user-interface (eg pressure-activated mounded pinchgrip) that will be key to the product being commercially viable. This is an example of an invention being developed into a PerfectProduct™, and one of our product design providers will work just as hard to convert your idea/invention into a PerfectProduct™, optimizing your chances of success with licensing, crowdfunding, and release.


Prices differ depending on the project/product. You'll be provided with a quote from the product development provider who designs and renders your PerfectProduct™ Design. The payment tends to be broken up into parts to make it more manageable for you, and our prices are extremely competitive for this industry, especially given the quality of our product designers.

Your Resources Aboard SHIINE® ENTERPRISE Relevant To This Step


  • Deadly Mistake #3: Trying To License Your Invention Too Early (eg with Graphics only)


  • Deadly Mistake #5: Buying Expensive Services (eg Graphics) Before a Product Proof