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Step 4: Full Patent




Once your Product Proof is built, it’s time to file your full (non-provisional) patent

application. This is much more important than your provisional patent application

(step 2), because your non-provisional patent application includes something called

‘patent claims’, which are searched and examined at the patent office. This can lead

to your patent being granted, or turned down- a critical step in Your Journey to

invention success.

Service available at this step


  • The world-renowned SHIINE® LightSpeed PerfectPatent™ Package



Get your official patent office search and examination results back in as quick as 18 days! (As opposed to the 2-3 years the USPTO often takes to get your results to you).


If your patent claim(s) are allowed at the UKIPO (home patent office of SHIINE® ENTERPRISE), then, via an international agreement between major patent offices, called the Patent Prosecution Highway, you can get free accelerated processing at the USPTO, EPO (European Patent Office), JPO (Japanese Patent Office), Canadian Patent Office, and much much more!


The U.S. Leg of the LightSpeed PerfectPatent™ Package allows you to file an almost identical patent application as filed in the initial UK Leg, without even needing to use a patent attorney, saving you THOUSANDS of dollars- something already achieved by American inventor, Andrew Bisbee (See Reviews below).


Patent Attorneys charge anywhere from $6000-$15,000 for drafting and filing a non-provisional patent application. But at SHIINE®, you'll pay only £2000-£2500, with the chance to then save up to $5000 or more on the U.S. Leg of the package, where you can file almost the identical patent application as filed in the UK, by yourself, and even get free accelerated processing at the USPTO if your claims have been allowed in the UK.

Watch an Inventor get his LightSpeed PerfectPatent™ Results (in just 18 days!)

Watch below as Canadian inventor, Giuseppe Mileto, receives his LightSpeed PerfectPatent™ Results from Jethro L Bennett, The Captain of SHIINE® ENTERPRISE, live on Skype. With the LightSpeed PerfectPatent™ Package, his official patent office results came back just 18 DAYS after his application was filed!

Selected reviews of the LightSpeed PerfectPatent™ Package

Your Resources Aboard SHIINE® ENTERPRISE Relevant To This Step


  • Deadly Mistake #6: Getting a Bad Patent From a Patent Attorney


  • iPatentWriter™ (Video Program)


Shows you how to draft and file your own full non-provisional patent application. Saves you up to $6000 or more on using a patent attorney. Advanced program.


Available for $795, or now available to crew members for only $20/mo extra. Email After becoming a crew member, email to upgrade your package to $49.95/mo and get permanent access to iPatentWriter™.