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Step 3: Product Proof




Once you’ve got patent pending, your next step is the Product Proof- your first basic

build of your invention. This is the first time your ‘idea’ becomes a ‘reality’ (albeit a

very basic one!).


You may have built a Product Proof (often referred to as a ‘proof-of-principle’) before

you came to SHIINE® ENTERPRISE, which is great, and means you've already

completed this step. But if you HAVEN’T built your own Product Proof, this is where

you do it.


The reason it’s done now (before filing a full (non-provisional) patent application), is that the Product Proof achieves two things; firstly it proves your invention actually WORKS as you intended; secondly, it gives you your first feedback as to how you may have to improve your product, in order to turn it into a successful product. Both of these things are key, before filing your non-provisional patent application, because you DON’T want to file a non-provisional patent application for an invention concept that doesn’t work, and you want to know as much about your invention as possible before filing your non-provisional.


What you learn from your Product Proof often becomes ESSENTIAL to your patenting. That’s why you should ALWAYS build a Product Proof of your invention before filing your non-provisional patent application, whenever possible.

Video explaining this step


This video (from a legacy version of The Inventor's Journey™) explains step 3: Product Proof

Service available at this step


  • PerfectProduct™ Proof Service


If you haven’t built your own Product Proof of your invention, one of our product development providers will build one for you at this step.


Prices differ depending on the project/product. You'll be provided with a quote from the product development provider who builds your Product Proof, and the payment tends to be broken up into parts to make it more manageable.


The Product Proof tends to be a lot less expensive than the Product Prototype (step 6).


Your Resources Aboard SHIINE® ENTERPRISE Relevant To This Step


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