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Step 2: Provisional Patent




In step 2, you get patent pending with a provisional patent application.


Your patent search of step 1 makes it much easier and quicker to draft your

provisional patent application, because it shows what you can, and can’t patent.

Because of this, you can then focus your provisional patent application particularly

on what your patent search shows you can patent.


The reason you get patent pending so early on in Your Journey is to beat anyone else to the punch in trying to patent your invention. As long as you get it filed before anyone else publicly discloses the same invention concept, or files a patent application for it, you’re in pole position to patent your invention!

Service available at this step


  • Official SHIINE® PerfectPatent™ Pending Package


A new elite service (release date: 3rd Qu. 2017) which will revolutionize how quickly inventors like you can get ‘perfect’ patent pending status. Includes use of the program iPerfectPending™ (due for release 3rd Qu. 2017).

Your Resources Aboard SHIINE® ENTERPRISE Relevant To This Step


  • iPatentPending™ (Video Program)


Many inventors have used this program to draft and file their own provisional patent application and get patent pending on their inventions, sometimes as quick as a day. Includes the incredible USPTO PPA Filing Video, a full screen-capture tutorial of how to file your provisional patent application via the USPTO online filing system, getting you patent pending for 12 months in just minutes.


Watch Jethro get draft and file a provisional patent application for the basic invention, ‘SPOON’. Then draft and file your own PPA.


Full program available free for 10 days on your 10 day free trial, and unlocked permanently when you become a crew member aboard SHIINE® ENTERPRISE. iPatentDrawing™ (how to create your own patent application drawings) also included.


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