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Step 1: Patent Search




Your first step in The Inventor’s Journey™ is a patent search. This is to check what is,

and is not, patentable about your idea.


By knowing what you can, and cannot, patent, it clarifies what the patenting strategy

should be for your invention.


Your patent search should be a worldwide patent search, since even prior art (eg previous disclosures from other inventors) from China, Japan (or anywhere in the world) will block you from being able to patent your invention in any territory. ie Your invention must be totally new throughout the entire world, in order for you to be able to patent it.

Common Question:


  • Newbie Inventor: ‘’Shouldn’t I file a provisional patent application first? I’ve been told by other people that it’s best to file a provisional patent application and get patent pending asap?’’


  • The Captain: ‘’If you do a world-class patent search first, it allows you to rule in (and rule out) what you’re going to be able to patent. Then your provisional patent application becomes a lot faster and easier, because you don’t need to spend ages of time in your provisional describing things about your idea that your patent search would have shown are not patentable in the first place!
  • Therefore we do a patent search FIRST, to get clear on the best possible patenting strategy for your invention. Then you USE that strategy to get patent pending with a precise (and much easier to draft) provisional patent application. That’s why patent search comes FIRST, and provisional patent application comes SECOND!’’

Service available at this step


  • Official SHIINE® PerfectPatent™ Search


Elite world-class worldwide patent search, replicates an official patent office search. This is a patent claim-based search, with claims drafted to define your invention. The claims are then sent off to a former patent office examiner, who searches your patent claims, just as a patent office would when you file your non-provisional patent application.


Finished off with your extremely concise PerfectPatent™ Search results document, and a free consultation to go over the results and the implications to your ability to patent your invention. A world-class start to The Inventor’s Journey™, your PerfectPatent™ Search starts with a free consultation where you disclose your invention confidentially.

Videos about the PerfectPatent™ Search (Your service at this step)

Videos From The Captain about this step

Watch elite videos, below, from The Captain, about the PerfectPatent™ Search, and step 1 of The Inventor's Journey™.

Selected reviews of the SHIINE® PerfectPatent Search™


A claim-based patent search, conducted by two elite patent specialists, may cost you around $1500-$2000 elsewhere in this industry or from a patent attorney. You get the PerfectPatent™ Search for only $895, payable in two payments, and even get a $100 discount if you put your first payment through within 7 days of your free consultation.


Get your free consultation to start the process now.


Your Resources Aboard SHIINE® ENTERPRISE Relevant To This Step


  • Beginners Patent Search and Beginners Patent Search PRO


Basic 5 minute technique for how to do a quick (but often very useful) free preliminary patent search on Google and Google Patents. Very fun to do- you should do this quick 5-10 minute search for every invention you have, before even starting The Inventor’s Journey™.


  • Deadly Mistake #2: Getting a Bad Patent Search


In this deadly mistake, you'll find out that not all patent searches are created equal, and you'll hear from Bob Voorhees, and how he got a bad patent search he wants to warn you about, before he came to SHIINE®. You'll also find out the 3 things that make a 'perfect' patent search.