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Taking Invention And Design To Light Speed!™

Invention Mastery Video Series


Invention Development is the Art That Holds The Key To Your Destiny- now let's Master it.


What is Invention Development?

In this video, you'll find out about The 3 Modules- the 3 things of which Invention Development is made.


The 3 Solutions

For each module, SHIINE® has a 'perfect' 3 step solution. These form the 'steps' and 'services' your invention will go through on The Inventor's Journey™.


The PerfectProduct™ Solution

This video focuses on the PerfectProduct™ Solution: PerfectProduct™ Proof, PerfectProduct™ Design, and PerfectProduct™ Prototype; 3 steps to convert your idea.


The PerfectPatent™ Solution

This video focuses on the PerfectPatent™ Solution; a 3 step solution including the LightSpeed PerfectPatent™ Package- one of the most famous services in the Invention Industry.


The PerfectLaunch™ Solution

So you've patented your invention, and converted it into a world-class product. Whether you want to license it, or release it yourself, it's now time to launch!


Order and Map

You've learnt The 3 Modules and The 3 Solutions- now see how the steps go together to form The Inventor's Journey™. Then jump aboard and get started!