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Become a crew member aboard SHIINE® ENTERPRISE and unlock the steps/services of The Inventor's Journey™ for your invention, plus your programs/assets. Crew member status is required for you to start The Inventor's Journey™.


Come aboard SHIINE® ENTERPRISE for a free trial for 10 days. Once your trial ends, you become a crew member, paying $29.95/mo.

Trial and payments can be ended at any point.


Instant crew member status. All your assets/programs unlocked and instant access to put your invention through The Inventor's Journey™ system. $29.95/mo, every month.

Risk free 30 day money back guarantee.

You may leave SHIINE® ENTERPRISE and terminate crew member status and monthly payments at any point.

  • Unlock The Inventor's Journey™ For Your Invention

Unlock the steps, services, and providers of The Inventor's Journey™, to help patent and launch your invention. Only available to crew members.

  • The 7 Deadly Mistakes That Inventors Make™

Video program teaches you the 7 worst mistakes you can make with your invention. Perfect preparation for The Inventor's Journey™.

  • The Invention Mastery Video Series

Fully unlocked, even on the free trial.

Currently in production.

  • Patent Pending Package™ Video Programs

World-class video programs, help you to get patent pending for 12 months on your invention with a provisional patent application (PPA).

Package includes:

  • iPatentPending™
  • (Shows you how to draft and file your provisional patent application. Includes the USPTO PPA Filing Video)
  • iPatentDrawing™
  • (Shows you how to create regulation patent application drawings. Full tutorial on Adobe Illustrator)
  • iPerfectPending™ Only available to crew members.
  • (Advanced program- plays a key role in step 2 of The Inventor's Journey™. Also teaches how 'claiming priority' works)
  • Beginners Patent Search™ Tutorial

Video tutorial shows you how to do an ultra quick and fun free patent search, using Google Patents. Great to do at the start of your Journey.

  • Beginners Patent Search™ PRO Tutorial

Same as the standard tutorial, but with 20-25 minutes extra footage for advanced knowledge. Only available to crew members.

  • Free Consultation

You get a free consultation for any invention you want to take on The Inventor's Journey™. Only available to crew members.

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