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Captain's Blog



Personal blog of the Captain of SHIINE® ENTERPRISE, Jethro L Bennett

Jethro L Bennett


Professional Product Designer

Elite Patent Specialist

Creator of The Inventor's Journey™


Thanks for wanting to check out my blog.


The Captain’s Blog is going to be opened at the end of May 2017. It’ll have explosive content, including an audio I’m about to record with a US patent attorney who worked at the UIA, about the incredibly bad state the USPTO is in, and about why so much patent attorney work is so poor quality (and yet so expensive to you).


There’ll be incredible content about patenting too, which I’ll be writing off the cuff, about things I think are important or can help you- plus all things Inventor’s Journey about patenting, product development, launch, etc.


Please, in the meantime, accept my apology that the blog isn’t up and running, and come aboard my ship, SHIINE® ENTERPRISE, on a free 10 day trial. You’ll get tonnes of expensive video programs FREE, such as iPatentPending™, iPatentDrawing™, the Invention Mastery Video Series and the Beginners Patent Search (totally cool) Tutorial.


Come aboard! And I’ll notify you when the blog opens.


With greatest regards, and good luck with your invention.


P.S. If you want to find out more about me, how I became arguably the most elite self-taught patent specialist in the world, and how I can help you patent and launch your invention, check out episode 00 of The Inventor’s Journey™ Podcast. Link below.